Rubbish removal services in London at best prices

rubbish-clearancePeople who live in London usually use skip hire to get rid of their rubbish. But this service you have to do almost by your own: to load the skip, to find place where to park it, to get some permission, etc. You can also become a victim of neighbors who want to “help” you and fill up your skip overnight.

RubbishMan rubbish removal services in London

That’s why many people choose our company:

  • We overcome all the skip problems
  • The waste is dealt with separately in an ecological manner
  • Using RubbishMan services is so convenient

How to use RubbishMan rubbish removal service

The service is very straightforward; you just ring up our phones and arrange for one of our trucks to make a call. Unlike skip operators, we load the rubbish themselves, straight away, and then take it away for disposal using approved recycling methods for anything possible.

What can you use RubbishMan waste removal service for?

RubbishMan waste removal services are wide range of services concerning not only your building rubble, but also your household, garden, garage, loft, etc. we can take away soil, gravel, fencing, old garden sheds and clear the whole garden if you want.

Our company can also offer you cleaning of commercial property such as offices and shops. Old furniture as shelving, filing cabinets and desks will be taken away, all the smaller rubbish swept up and disposed, and we can clean the area using heavy duty industrial cleaning tools.

Many items, such as TVs and air conditioning units, require special treatment before disposal. We are familiar with both the national regulations and the local regulations about where each type of rubbish should be taken for recycling and disposal.

Our prices will not make you broke. You pay on how much you need taking away and how much work is involved. We work 7 days a week so you can arrange to pick up your junk at the weekend if you are busy during the week.

Waste removal services like ours are the new alternative of skip hire especially in big city like London and the surrounding area.






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